En route to a dianilinyl-substituted carbo-cyclohexadiene with promising electrical properties

Oleg Lozynskyi, Cécile Barthes, Arnaud Rives, Valérie Maraval, Zoia Voitenko, Remi Chauvin


The macro-aromatic carbo-benzene core para-disubstituted by 4-anilinyl groups is known to be an efficient single-molecule conductor, exhibiting a conductance of 106 nS measured by the scanning tunneling microscopy-break junction technique. The linear carbo-butadiene analogue bearing the same anilinyl substituents was found to be less efficient, with a conductance of 2.7 nS. The reason of this difference could be elucidated through the study of the charge transport properties of a cyclically locked carbo-butadiene core in a carbo-cyclohexadiene derivative. In this paper, advances in the synthesis of this challenging dianilinyl-substituted carbo-cyclohexadiene are presented.


Butatrienes; carbo-cyclohexadiene; carbo-mers; macrocyclization; single molecule conductance

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.17721/fujcV3I1P46-52


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